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Dear Ann-Marie, Ted and I are both very impressed with the immediate and professional way in which you handled our project. If you ever need a reference, you certainly can count on us…again, Thank you, we truly are impressed and we will certainly keep you in mind for future work! …

 Ted and Linda in Newport, Rhode Island

Help For Homeowners

3 Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen In 2015

The new year means new beginnings for many people, including new projects and renovations for their home.  One big request we see is to help homeowners remodel their kitchen area.  Here are 3 tips that you can use when planning to remodel your kitchen this year: 1. Use Contrast Colors on Cabinets Breathe new life into […]


To Update or Buy New. That is the question…

Many homeowners eventually confront the situation whether to update current home or buy a new one. With the market strengthening, buying a new home may seem like a tempting offer, but before you go out and spend your whole nest egg, here are a couple reasons to remodel rather than embark on a house hunt:


Not Your Average Clean Up

Every home remodeling contractor always faces the task of clean up and disposal when completing a demo job.  How we differ from most companies when we dispose of demo is instead of just getting a dumpster and tossing things in, we donate items to Habitat For Humanity and other recycling agencies. We take on this […]


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