Exodus Construction LLC is committed to setting standards of
excellence in our industry with God and Integrity as our foundation
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Dear Ann-Marie, Ted and I are both very impressed with the immediate and professional way in which you handled our project. If you ever need a reference, you certainly can count on us…again, Thank you, we truly are impressed and we will certainly keep you in mind for future work! …

 Ted and Linda in Newport, Rhode Island

Help For Homeowners

3 Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen In 2015

The new year means new beginnings for many people, including new projects and renovations for their home.  One big request we see is to help homeowners remodel their kitchen area.  Here are 3 tips that you can use when planning to remodel your kitchen this year: 1. Use Contrast Colors on Cabinets Breathe new life into […]


To Update or Buy New. That is the question…

Many homeowners eventually confront the situation whether to update current home or buy a new one. With the market strengthening, buying a new home may seem like a tempting offer, but before you go out and spend your whole nest egg, here are a couple reasons to remodel rather than embark on a house hunt:


Not Your Average Clean Up

Every home remodeling contractor always faces the task of clean up and disposal when completing a demo job.  How we differ from most companies when we dispose of demo is instead of just getting a dumpster and tossing things in, we donate items to Habitat For Humanity and other recycling agencies. We take on this […]


Mission Statement

Exodus Construction LLC is committed to setting standards of excellence in our industry with God and Integrity as our foundation. 

Core Values

1. Christ Centered
We believe in honoring Christ in all that we do. We know of no better role model for us than Jesus Christ. The life he lived inspires us and the principals He taught are the basis for all of our decisions.

2. Servant Leadership and Communication
Everything rises and falls on leadership.  We believe in servant leadership that is biblical in structure and function, models Christ and seeks to develop a biblical leadership style in others.

3. Intentional Stewardship
We believe that we are stewards and not owners of God's resources in our possession. We believe in stewardship that is sacrificial in the use of one’s time, talents, and treasure. And just as "a steward must prove worthy of trust" so we commit ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and conduct in the pursuit of our purpose.

4.  Ethical Business Practices
We believe in ethical business practices that involve high integrity and moral standards as well as personal and professional conduct. We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.

5. Commitment and Relationships
We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want the client to feel that our staff is even more committed to the effort than they may be, that’s what distinguishes us. Personal attention to our clients as individuals is important to us, we believe in caring about them as individuals. We refer to our clients, appropriately, as our “respected friends."

6. Life Balance, Diversity, Respect, Kindness, Grace & Trust
Lives that are in balance: personally, professionally, and spiritually are able to utilize their strengths more effectively.

NOTE: Writing a list of core values down is one thing—practicing them is something else. These are the standards by which we will operate, and all are equally important. We will achieve and maintain our reputation for excellence by making sure our core principles are respected and applied every day, both in the office and on the job site and after hours. When we do this, God is glorified and success supernaturally and naturally follows.


As members of God's family we esteem the importance of relationship. Only relationships are eternal. Programs, plans, institutions and money are not eternal. Therefore, we will promote relationship based on respect, mutual accountability and trust in the conduct of our affairs. As Christian business owners we believe that God created business activity as good and wholesome for the advancement of His purposes on the earth. Through the fall, along with every human endeavor, economic activity has been corrupted by sin. However, we believe that through faith in Jesus Christ free enterprise can be redeemed and established as a right and proper method for the advancement of God's kingdom on the earth. Our vision is that the business God has entrusted us to operate will be guided by His plans and purposes.